This is netherland dwarf's blogger department.
'netherland dwarf' is the name of a kind of rabbit.

Our music is similar to the rabbits,
because the movement of both of them is restless and unpredictable.

The pop and hail-fellow-well-met image of the rabbit is
also our ideal and target to the music.



netherland dwarf is in production of  "moi moi ",

the debut album's cover and the contract with the record label

after the completion of the mastering disk in March,2010.

The following pictures are the sketches of each part of the cover.

We will put a rabbit on the front of the cover

according to the origin of the  band's name.

Please look forward to the completion of the album.


blow the progressive rock

We have written a lot of prog album reviews by request

from"Kakehashi Records'' these days.

We selected about 500 prog classics in the 70s mainly

from the UK,Italy,France,Germany,America,Canada and Australia.

So,when you watch them,you can enjoy prog rock deeper

and more effective ,not only as a mere prog catalogue.

Moreover,the list was separated into some themes,such as

concept,female vocal,influences from classical music,mellotron,

irregular tempo.and so on.

So maybe,you can enjoy prog and its various aspects.

All the CDs in "blow the Progressive Rock"section can be purchased,

and if the CDs are not in stock in the shop,the CDs are not

displayed in the site.

So,whenever you access the site,you can enjoy watching

and shopping for CDs.

To prog fans overseas

You cannnot purchase CDs from this "Kakehashi" shop.

But we think the list (of "blow the Progressive Rock" section) will help you.

Check out the site.   http://kakereco.com/blow_the_progre.php


about the debut album

netherland dwarf's debut album's mixing and mastering

was finished on March 19.

It consists mainly of 70's retro progressive rock .

netherland dwarf arranges some of the classical compositions

by Franz Joseph Haydn,Georg Friedrich Handel,

Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka and Charles-Camille Saint-Saens.

It will include many songs that seem to be appeal to prog fans

that love classical keyboard prog rock,such as Emerson,Lake&Palmer(UK)

or Trace.(Netherlands),Collegium Musicum(Czecho)and Electra(Germany) etc...

So please expect this.

One of the most famous prog musicians on the Nordic scene

will join the album.

We 'll try to finish the project without any compromises.

My best regards.